How to get a travel visa to Australia

If you are reading this then you have most apparently decided to have a visit to the “land of dreams-The Australia”.

Australia is a land of versatile and spectacular beauty. One can be easily be occupied in the vibrant multi-cultured cities, be inspired by the beauty of the Sydney Opera house, be discovered wandering the vast sand islands and be amazed by one of nature’s wonders – the Great Barrier Reef.

But don’t rush yet. You can’t just pack up and leap into a flight to visit Australia unless you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

All Visitors to Australia requires an electronic visa called the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

What is an ETA?

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is the common and generally used Australian Tourist Visa which allows the holder a stay for up to 3 months on each arrival within 12 months from the date of issuance. ETA requires no paper works or application forms and even replaces the regular visa labels or stamps on the passport. It requires only the passport number as the identification.

ETA is simply an automated travel visa to Australia that comes in 3 types:

  • Visitor Visa
  • 12 Months Valid Visa with multiple entries and stay of maximum 3 months per entry
  • Business Short
  • 12 Months valid visa with multiple entries and stay of Maximum 3 months per entry.
  • Business Long
  • Valid till the passport expiration with a maximum stay of 3 months per entry.

But, Wait…!!

Before you start with the search to apply for the ETA, you should note that ETA is applicable only for the citizens of the ETA eligible countries or regions (33 Countries listed below).

ETA Eligible Countries/Passport Holders

The passport holders of the below-listed countries will only be able eligible for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and even have access to the ETA issuing online system.


  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Brunei Darussalam
  4. Canada
  5. Denmark
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Iceland
  12. Ireland
  13. Italy
  14. Japan
  15. Liechtenstein
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malaysia
  18. Malta
  19. Monaca
  20. Netherlands
  21. Norway
  22. Portugal
  23. San Marino
  24. Singapore
  25. Korea
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden
  28. Switzerland
  29. Taiwan
  30. UK
  31. US
  32. Vatican City

Don’t worry if you are not the citizens of the above-listed countries. There are other options available

Travel Visa to Australia for not ETA eligible country citizens

You can apply for the e600 Visitor Visa. It is designed for those who are not ETA eligible and wishes to travel and stay in Australia for more than 3 months.

More than 190 countries are eligible for this e600 travel visa to Australia (subclass 600).

What are the conditions and regulations of ETA?

After ETA holder must follow below regulations to avoid rejections and penalties

  • The ETA holder must not work while in Australia.
  • The ETA holder must not participate in studies or practices for more than 3 months period
  • The candidate must pass a chest x-ray if he/she is at least 11 years old and intend to study for more than 4 weeks.
  • The candidate must be free from tuberculosis at the time of travel
  • The traveller must leave within the validity of the travel visa (ETA)
  • Entry to Australia with ETA will be refused on arrival if the traveller has any criminal penalties.

If you have had any criminal penalties in any country, it is advisable to apply for the Travel Visa to Australia, e600 (Subclass 600), rather than ETA


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