About me



I am Luke Greene and I am a solo-traveler, just like you. I love to travel and I love to write about my experiences in the cities I visit. I started traveling in 2015, and I’ve been to many exciting destinations around the world ever since.

I am not what you would consider “a real traveler,” in that I don’t plan where I’m going or how I’ll get there. I do know which places I love to travel to – and I love to write about them in my blog. I love to share my love of travel with others who are looking to experience a similar journey in the same way I have.

So I love to blog about all I do – not just traveling. I am also a very social and outgoing person, so I hope I can help others who feel stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy finding solace in writing about their adventures. I am very active in my community as well, so I hope I can encourage others to go out and make new friends, or at least meet some new acquaintances.

I am a traveler and I will always be one – I can’t imagine a life without it!